Signing In to Maximize your Account Security

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Signing in and Maximizing Security on your Account is a secure P2P lending platform to bank with Bitcoin. maintains the highest level of online security and holds all coins offline in secure vaults. The company has even  successfully fended off multiple hack attempts and users have never lost 1 sat that wasn’t their fault. Bitcoin withdrawals are even reviewed and  done manually by the owner of Btcpop.However, while the security of is top of the line, personal account security is still dependent on you the user. This guide is here to help you sign up and create a secure multi cryptocurrency account at Btcpop.1 SIGNING UP


  • Setting up your email address – Choose and email address you check regularly. All Btcpop notifications  go to this email. 
  • Choosing your username – a good username should be something that you could easily remember. Also, ensure that it’s an appropriate username as this is what the investors will see when you apply for a loan.
  • Choosing a Password – Having a good password is one of the most important things you can do to stay secure. A “secured” password should be:
    • Long: combines upper/lowercase letters, includes numbers and symbols. The longer your password is, the tougher will it be for any hacker to crack your password. It introduces more possibilities making it harder to narrow down your password. Try to substitute letters with symbols, such as using “$” instead of “S” and so on.
    • Securely backed up: Losing or forgetting your password opens a door for mistakes. Even though Btcpop has secure methods to create a new password, it is best to just not lose or forget it. Because of it’s high security and open source design I recommend Keepass if you are going to backup on your computer.
  • Login – After you create your account, BTCPOP will send a verification email for added security.
  • Simply click on the link included on the email and it will take you to the login page of BTCPOP. Lastly, you will be asked to enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD you have set. Please note you login with your USERNAME not your email. 
Email Verification sent from BtcpopSecure link to login at Btcpop


2. ENABLING  2FA – After you have signed in, you will be taken to the home page. BTCPOP offers an extra layer of security option called 2 Factor Authentication or 2FA. This can be found on the left-hand toolbar under the “Profile” section which has a lock symbol next to it. (Btcpop highly recommends enabling 2FA)

    • What is a 2FA? – 2FA allows the users to link their phone or their computer in which an additional code is sent for verification. This is important since the codes sent to your device needs to be verified by the user real-time, thus, providing additional security. Enabling 2FA increases your security exponentially as both of your devices would need to be hacked in a quick manner as the 2FA code changes every 15-25 seconds.


Enable 2FA at Btcpop


      • Download the Google Authenticator App from the App Store on your smart phone.
      • Activate 2FA by going into your BTCPOP Security Settings and click the 2FA checkbox then re enter your password and click Save.
      • Now scan the QR Code or enter the key in the App and it will automatically register as BTCPOP.
      • It will then generate new Authentication codes every 15 or so seconds that you will have to use to login.
    • 2FA Setup Guide for Authy (Phone or PC)
      • Download the Authy App from the App Store on your smart phone.
      • Go through App setup and verify your account.
      • To set the BTCPOP account up click the red “+” and it will request that you enter a Backup Password which allows you to recover your accounts if your phone gets lost or stolen.
      • To Activate 2FA go into your BTCPOP Security Settings and click the checkbox then reenter your password and click Save.
      • Now scan the QR Code or enter the key in the App and it will automatically register as BTCPOP.
      • The BTCPOP Account will then generate new Authentication codes every 30 seconds you can use to login
    • 2FA Setup Guide for Authy (PC)
      • Download and install the Authy App from the Google Web Store on your browser.
      • Launch the App and follow the instructions for setting it up.
      • Activate 2FA by going into your BTCPOP Security Settings and click the 2FA checkbox then re enter your password and click Save.
      • Now enter the code generated on your BTCPOP Security page in the App and select a logo for the account i.e. Bitcoin and call the account BTCPOP.
      • Click Done, then close out of that page by clicking the x in the top right corner of the App and it will open the accounts list.
      • Click on the BTCPOP account and it will then generate new Authentication codes you can use on the BTCPOP login page in the 2FA box.
    • Make sure and link your device – Make sure to use a phone of a PC that is yours so you can always have access to it. It is not recommended to use a shared device since it increases the risk for others to login to your profile.

3. SETTING UP A SECURITY PHRASE – A security phrase is a group of words that you need to set up and verify as an added security. Remember that this is not the same as your password and should not contain any sensitive information such as SSN or birthday.

Backup Security at Btcpop


    • Btcpop recommends creating a completely random security phrase and then storing it securely. Much like the 12 random words seeds used to back up different wallets. Storing it securely could be digital or physical. Keepass allows notes on accounts and would be a good place to store online.
    • Take note of your security phrase as you will be asked for your security phrase every time you contact support.
      • Btcpop recommends changing your security phrase after every support event. This way your account cannot be compromised if someone gains access to your old emails.

4. EXTRA VERIFICATION EMAILS – This recommended feature sends an email notification you whenever a different IP address or browser is used to access your profile.

Verification email option at Btcpop for added security


    • Simply click on the check box to select which kind of notification you would like to receive.
    • “New IP Confirmation” – This feature is highly recommended especially for larger accounts who only use one IP Address. You will be asked to confirm the new IP Address before logging in.
    • “New Browser Confirmation” – This extra security is good for most users since it only triggers once a new browser has been used and usually we already have a browser of our choice. Nevertheless, if a new browser has been used, you will receive an email from BTCPOP and will need to verify your email address before logging in.

5. Advanced Settings (Only Recommended if advanced)

  1. ISP Blocking
  2. IP Address Locking (Enable or Disable specific IP Addresses)

After you make the changes, you will be asked to enter your password on the bottom part of the page.

Save settings with password to edit Btcpop security settings


This will save your settings and you’re done. You should be able to now start using your BTCPOP account with maximum security.

Were you able to setup your account successfully? Let us know in the comment section below. You may also share your suggestions and tips for setting up your BTCOP account.

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