Ethereum Wallet is Live now with ERC20 Tokens!

Ethereum Wallet is Live now with ERC20 Tokens!

Btcpop is excited to share that Ethereum deposits + withdrawals are back and Btcpop now with ERC20 tokens! This upgrade opens the door to trading or holding 100’s of exciting projects with ERC20 tokens.

Btcpop will be listing a few top ERC20 tokens immediately, and then more as demand and paid listings roll in. These tokens can currently be traded against BTC and held as collateral for custom BTC loans. In the future Btcpop plans on stablecoin denominated P2P loans and trading pairs.

DAI and other Stablecoins on Btcpop!

Btcpop is excited to integrate one of the fastest growing decentralized and trustless stablecoins to its platform. DAI is a collateralized asset pegged to the value of $1 USD  it is designed to maintain a stable value, without borders and restrictions. Giving holders the stability of a USD without 3rd party trust or regulatory consequences. Read more about how DAI works on their website.

Btcpop has also listed USDC, which is a transparent USD collateralized stablecoins issued by Circle. More stablecoins will be considered and added to Btcpop if demand and regulations allow it.

Btcpop is Cryptocurrency Neutral

A quick reminder that Btcpop is cryptocurrency neutral and does not vet, research, or promote any cryptocurrency. Btcpop is a free market platform and works to give users the freedom to make their own financial decisions. All users should thoroughly research tokens/altcoins before investing.

Don’t see your Favorite ERC20 token?

Btcpop welcomes suggestions for new ERC20 tokens to add to its platform. Please share your pick with us at the end of the short survey in the link below.


Have an ERC20 token you want listed?

Btcpop accepts token and altcoin listings for a very reasonable fee. Check out




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