Btcpop Roadmap now on Trello!

Btcpop Roadmap now on Trello! article featured image

Btcpop Roadmap now on Trello!

Check it out at:

Check it out At:

What is Trello and Btcpop’s Plans for Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes projects into boards. Modeling after the successful use of trello by Ledger


Btcpop hopes to remain transparent with its users regarding the ongoing website improvements.

We want to hear your ideas in the comments!

Current Roadmap

As many of you know has been working on its website recode for quite some time. While there was never a set schedule (as projects of this size are hard to predict) this project has taken longer than expected. However, this hasn’t stopped Btcpop from making incremental improvements to our existing website while working on the new website and UI.

On trello you can see the projects Btcpop is working on now, planned projects, and ideas for new projects in the future. We would love to hear your ideas and input on this in the comments below!

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