Altcoin Delistings

Altcoin Delistings btcpop article featured image

Altcoin Delistings btcpop article featured image

Delisting Process:

  1. Announcement (current step)
  2. Halting of Deposits 
  3. Withdrawal Phase: If possible Btcpop will facilitate to the best of its ability all withdrawal requests for delisted coins. PLEASE WITHDRAW ALL DELISTED COINS till December 31 2019!
  4. Dead Coins under Maintenance: If there are no peers to connect to or the blockchain appears to be completely dead Btcpop will place the delisted coin under maintenance. Here the coin cannot be traded or withdrawn as Btcpop has no way of facilitating this function.

If you know developers of these coins or information which would enable the wallets to be fixed, please send a support ticket to [email protected]

List of coins to be Delisted and their status.

Btcpop will be delisting the following coins due to wallet issues.

Coin (to be Delisted)
 CoinGecko Link
ZifterCoinZRCWithdrawal Enabled
SecretCoinSCRTWithdrawal Enabled
BeavercoinBVCWithdrawal Enabled
BeavercoinBVCWithdrawal Enabled
CludCLUDWithdrawal Enabled
VpnCoinVPNWithdrawal Enabled
BitcoinDark BTCDWithdrawal Enabled
Rubies RBIESWithdrawal Enabled
Zonecoin ZNELinkMaintenance
Comet CMTWithdrawal Enabled
ZcCoin ZCCLinkWithdrawal Enabled
BiosCrypto BIOSMaintenance
BonPeKaO BONMaintenance
CryptoJacks CJWithdrawal Enabled
ChronosCoin CRXWithdrawal Enabled
EDRcoin EDRCLinkWithdrawal Enabled
GoldBlocks GBLinkMaintenance
GPUcoin GPULinkWithdrawal Enabled
Grantcoin GRTWithdrawal Enabled
GenesysCoin GSYWithdrawal Enabled
KuwaitCoin KUCWithdrawal Enabled
LetItRide LIRLinkWithdrawal Enabled
Neuro NEUWithdrawal Enabled
POSW Coin POSWWithdrawal Enabled
ColossusCoin2 CV2LinkWithdrawal Enabled
CryptoBuck BUKWithdrawal Enabled
BlakeStar BLASWithdrawal Enabled
BirdsCoin BIRDSWithdrawal Enabled
Aerium AERMMaintenance
Atomic Coin ATOMWithdrawal Enabled
ABJcoin ABJWithdrawal Enabled
ZenniesZENIWithdrawal Enabled
MojoCoin MOJOLinkWithdrawal Enabled
Droxne DRXNEWithdrawal Enabled
MaidSafe MAIDLinkWithdrawal Enabled
USD Tether USDTLinkWithdrawal Enabled
XGOX XGOXLinkWithdrawal Enabled
OP CoinOPCLinkMaintenance


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