Btcpop Altcoin Faucet | Claim every 30 minutes | Automatically Staked

Btcpop Altcoin Faucet

These Altcoin Faucets pay out a small amount of a cryptocurrency for free to users.

Faucet rewards can be claimed every 30 minutes to your Btcpop account via your username. While you can claim multiple times a day, payouts are sent to your account once a day. Reward amounts vary and are determined by staking fee income which is 2% of of the pool staking rewards per coin.

Once claimed, your coins will be deposited into your Btcpop account. Here they will automatically begin POS Mining and earning pooled staking rewards. You will be able to trade, withdraw, or use your altcoin faucet coins as collateral immediately following the once a day payout. You do not need to be logged in to Btcpop to claim but you do need an active account and username.

Currently all of the coins listed in the Altcoin Faucet are proof of stake, it is yet to be determined if non proof of stake altcoins will be added to the altcoin faucet. Users can share their referral link and earn an additional 25% of all funds raised by each of their referrals. Your referral link is listed on the altcoin faucet page and will look like this except with a different user number at the end.

Below is a current list of all coins offered at the faucet:


Coin Name


Coin Name

SPRTSSproutscoin FaucetRBYRubycoin Faucet
808808 FaucetBOATBoat Faucet
$PACPaccoin FaucetZEITZeitcoin Faucet
OPCOP Coin FaucetABJAbjcoin Faucet
BEANBeanCash FaucetTXTransferCoin Faucet
CLAMClams FaucetZENIZennies Faucet
ARCOAquariusCoin FaucetODNObsidian Faucet
MONKMonkey Project FaucetBROBitradio Faucet
TRITriangles FaucetCBXCrypto Bullion Faucet
TESTeslaCoin FaucetNETNetCoin Faucet
PIVXPIVX FaucetPIGGYPiggycoin Faucet
RDDReddCoin FaucetPPCPeercoin Faucet
EXCLExclusiveCoin FaucetBLKBlackcoin Faucet
TEKTekcoin FaucetCURECurecoin Faucet
ICIgnition FaucetHOLDInterstellar Holdings Faucet
SDCShadowcoin FaucetONIONDeepOnion Faucet
STRATStratis FaucetBUZZBuzzCoin Faucet
LANALanaCoin FaucetKB3B3Coin Faucet
KUCKuwaitCoin FaucetMOJOMojoCoin Faucet
GSYGenesysCoin FaucetINFXInfluxcoin Faucet
GPUGPUcoin FaucetFAIRFaircoin Faucet
EGCEverGreenCoin FaucetORBOrbitcoin Faucet
EDRCEDRcoin FaucetNEVANevaCoin Faucet
CRXChronosCoin FaucetRBIESRubies Faucet
ESPEspers 2.0 FaucetDEMeMark Faucet
PHRPhore FaucetHYPHyperStake Faucet
LDOGELiteDoge FaucetGCRGlobalCurrencyReserve Faucet
BUKCryptoBuck FaucetCLOAKCloakcoin Faucet
XSPECSpectreCoin FaucetGBGoldBlocks Faucet
XPExperience Points FaucetNAVNav Coin Faucet
AERMAerium FaucetCPCCapricoin Faucet
ATOMAtomic Coin FaucetCJCryptoJacks Faucet
XGOXXGOX Faucet2GIVE2Give Faucet
MOINMoinCoin FaucetBIOSBiosCrypto Faucet
LIRLetItRide FaucetPOTPotCoin Faucet
ALEXAlexandrite FaucetLUNALunaCoin Faucet
RADSRadium FaucetGRCGridcoin Faucet
EMCEmercoin FaucetXTOTao Faucet
XBCBitcoinplus FaucetNLC2NoLimitCoin Faucet
SCRTSecretCoin FaucetIOCIOcoin Faucet
HBNHoboNickels FaucetPOSWPoSW Coin Faucet
DMDDiamond FaucetRBTRimbit Faucet
OKOkcash FaucetBTCDBitcoinDark Faucet
1337Elite FaucetBONBonPeKaO Faucet
NVCNovacoin FaucetBOSTBoostcoin Faucet
PNDPandacoin FaucetMINTMintcoin Faucet
AMBERAmbercoin FaucetADCAudiocoin Faucet
NRONeuro FaucetFLTFluttercoin Faucet
SLGSterlingcoin FaucetPINKPINKCOIN Faucet
ASAFE2AllSafe FaucetBAYBitBay Faucet
NKAIncaKoin Faucet



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