Btcpop Update | November 2018 BCH Hardfork

bch november 2018 hardfork

BCH Harrdfork November 2018 feature image. Bitcoin Cash logo and logo.

Twice a year, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network hard forks as part of scheduled protocol upgrades. The next BCH hardfork is scheduled for Nov 15, 2018, and is prepared to support the published roadmap from


However, unlike previous BCH hard forks, there is a competing proposal that is not compatible with this published road-map. Btcpop will monitor the hard fork process and work to minimize customer disruption until the network stabilizes. We will pause deposits and withdrawals  of BCH wallets beginning at 8:00AM PST on 11/15/2018 (approximately 1 hour before the fork). Please be sure all BCH Deposits and withdrawals are completed prior to that time. During the pause, your BCH will remain safe.


We will monitor the Bitcoin Cash network during the upgrade. Btcpop cannot predict the duration of this upgrade process. As there is no planned replay protection, it is unlikely that the Bitcoin Cash network splits into 2 separate networks and coins. However, Btcpop is able to handle whatever the outcome may be, and will ensure users have access to both coins if that is the case.


When the upgrade is complete, we will evaluate the network and take appropriate next steps to re-enable deposits and withdrawals.




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