Altcoins : The Best Bitcoin Loans Collateral in the World

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Altcoins : The Best Bitcoin Loans Collateral in the World Cryptocurrency will eventually become the world’s best collateral and best money to lend out “Having invested in and used altcoins as collateral at Btcpop, there is no doubt in my mind this where global finance and tokenized ownership are going in the future” is […]

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featured image for 50 BTC launch mining IPO launches 50Btc mining IPO “Blockstreams non-compromising stance on not raising the block limit has made it difficult for a Bitcoin company like to operate. This Mining IPO is taking an action towards a solution” For those who have followed, Btcpop has always taken a firm side in the Blocksize debate. Btcpop is […]

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Banking with Bitcoin

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“Btcpop needed to re-invent banking for Bitcoin. The modern banking system we are familiar with isn’t compatible with Bitcoin primarily because Bitcoin cannot be created out of thin air” The blockchain  is an outstanding innovation for many reasons, and it will undoubtedly benefit mankind greatly and change the world for the better. The 1st and […]

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Why a company like BTCPOP is Making Bitcoin Better

 Why a company like Btcpop makes bitcoin better The essence of Bitcoin is really rooted in the P2P movement. Individuals using technology to cut out the middleman and interact directly with each other increasing efficiency and making both parties better off.I’m sure you’re thinking, how could Btcpop possibly make Bitcoin (the currency it banks in) better? The […]

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