New Coins added to Btcpop’s Altcoin Exchange!

New Coins added to Btcpop’s Altcoin Exchange! Bitcoin Gold Forked and Trading! Bitcoin Gold has now been credited to your account for all Bitcoin held in primary wallet, instant pool, buy orders, and funding loans/bonds. Head on over to Btcpop’s Exchange and start trading now! PLEASE NOTE: Bitcoin Gold will not be immediately availible for deposits and withdrawals. […]

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Bitcoin will Kill Banks, not Banking

featured image for Bitcoin will Kill Banks

Bitcoin will kill Banks not Banking “Banks as we know them are dead, Bitcoin and the Blockchain fundamentally kill how current banks operate with fiat money and fractional reserve lending. However, banking itself is not dead it just needs to be re-invented. has done just that.” In light of JP Morgon’s CEO Jamie Dimon […]

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BTCPOP: Leading the way For Bitcoin Cash

Btcpop: Leading the way with Bitcoin Cash   “ lead the way for Bitcoin Cash quickly and efficiently handling all user funds and launching Bitcoin Cash on its internal altcoin exchange. Btcpop was also arguably the first exchange to enable Bitcoin cash deposits and withdraws and all functions performed perfectly including Btcpop’s first ever transaction […]

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