New Ownership and the Beginning of Btcpop 2.0

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On the 19th of June 2016 Lee sold to the current owner best known by his username Casimir1904. 

It was known to all that there was issues going on behind the scenes at this time. Withdrawals were severely backlogged and people were starting to fear their might not be any BTC behind their balances to withdrawal. Following the transfer, Casimir1904 quickly found their suspicions to be correct. There were hundreds of BTC missing, as well as nearly all the altcoin balances. The insurance fund had a negative 100 BTC balance, and there was a very long list of other issues and problems that needed to be addressed.

Following this discovery, Casimir1904 took an unexpected action which set the whole tone for Btcpop going forward. He deposited the missing coins, and made user balances right at his own cost. This was definitely not a small undertaking and it costs him a lot of money personally to do it. From there, each system was picked apart and rebuilt from the ground up. This time features were built right so they actually worked. And the whole process was transparent from the start, Btcpop still to this day has a signed Btcpop cold wallet with funds in excess of Btcpop balances. This wallet remains signed in this forum thread and is currently at this BTC address.



Old management defaulted on all of their debt and ran. To this day Lee still owns and operates Target Sports, even though he purchased it with stolen BTC funds and is a dildo stealing scum of the earth thief.