Btcpop Cloud Mining Launch

After the success of BTCM (Btcpop Cloud Mining IPO) started working to begin its own cloud mining service. On 2/28/18, after many hours of research, logistics, and coding Btcpop Cloud Mining successfully soft launched and sold out its first 1 TH/s lifetime mining contracts to its users.

As with BTCM, Bitcoin mining was still hugely profitable, and the cheap Iceland cooling and power made Btcpop Cloud Mining contracts highly competitive in the industry and quite profitable. With a long term perspective, Btcpop Cloud Mining went ahead and expanded its services into a top grade $1M+ mining facility in Iceland which it still operates. However, needless to say with the Bitcoin mining market getting destroyed, Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contracts were also destroyed and many rendered unprofitable for now.

While the future remains unclear for Bitcoin Mining in the short term, in the long term its likely it will remain a prospering industry. And when profits return Btcpop now has a top grade facility to take advantage of them.