New Coins added to Btcpop’s Altcoin Exchange!

New Coins added to Btcpop’s Altcoin Exchange!

New AltCoins added to Btcpop's Exchange Featured Image

Bitcoin Gold Forked and Trading!

Bitcoin Gold has now been credited to your account for all Bitcoin held in primary wallet, instant pool, buy orders, and funding loans/bonds. Head on over to Btcpop’s Exchange and start trading now!
PLEASE NOTE: Bitcoin Gold will not be immediately availible for deposits and withdrawals. Btcpop will enable deposits and withdrawals as soon as there is a stable wallet and network. 

New Altcoins Added to Btcpop’s Exchange!​

BTG- Bitcoin Gold
DTC – Datacoin
 TRI- Triangles
 ESP- Espers 2.0
 BTB- Bitbar
 808- 808Coin
 NXS- Nexus
 INSN- InsaneCoin
 VTC- Vertcoin
 POSW- POSW coin
 STRAT- Stratis
 CV2- Colossuscoin V2
 BUK- CryptoBuck
 ION- Ion
 NLC2- NoLimitCoin
Remeber all Proof of Stake coins at Btcpop are mined Automatically for you!
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