50 BTC launch mining IPO

featured image for 50 BTC launch mining IPO launches 50Btc mining IPO “Blockstreams non-compromising stance on not raising the block limit has made it difficult for a Bitcoin company like to operate. This Mining IPO is taking an action towards a solution”

For those who have followed, Btcpop has always taken a firm side in the Blocksize debate. Btcpop is for larger blocks and following the original Bitcoin whitepaper  titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. Bitcoin is meant to be a cash system, not digital gold, or a settlement network. The blocksize limit was also meant to be temporary and Satoshi himself posted the way to change it. 

“It can be phased in, like:

if (blocknumber > 115000)
maxblocksize = largerlimit

It can start being in versions way ahead, so by the time it reaches that block number and goes into effect, the older versions that don’t have it are already obsolete.

When we’re near the cutoff block number, I can put an alert to old versions to make sure they know they have to upgrade. ~ Satoshi Nakamoto

Btcpop’s owner has taken a proactive approach to the debate and even launched 153 Bitcoin Unlimited nodes to voice Btcpop’s stance in the blocksize debate. Btcpop has also publicly voiced its stance on Twitter, Reddit, and other Bitcoin communication methods. Mining IPO

The owner of Btcpop has recently launched an IPO (initial public Offering) to raise 50Btc worth of capital to launch cloud mining efforts using’s mining services. The IPO was launched using Btcpop’s in-house share platform.

IPO Status
Units Released: 1,000,000

Price Per Unit 0.00005000BTC
IPO Start Date/ Time: 2017-05-17 16:24:56
IPO End Date / Time: 2017-05-24 16:24:56
Units Remaining: 825863
Percentage Sold: 17% – as of 5/17/2017 @20:29:38

The 50 Btc would be used to purchase bulk cloud mining contracts at

The lifetime plan would be bought to take best advantage of bulk pricing.


Btcpop’s Bitcoin Stock Market and IPO’s

Btcpop as a P2P lending platform has expanded its services to include a “Bitcoin stock market”. Here entrepreneurs have the ability to raise capital, securely manage shares, pay dividends, and communicate with their shareholders. These shares are able to be traded globally right away buy anyone in the world using Bitcoin. Shareholders benefit as well. They can conveniently receive Bitcoin dividends right into their Btcpop account where they are free to invest in P2P loans, gain risk free interest in the pool wallet, or invest in more shares. Shareholders also gain the unique ability to use their shares as collateral for any Bitcoin loans they might want to take out as well.

You can invest by logging into your Btcpop account and finding the IPO page on the left hand toolbar.

Why I invested

As a non-technical user and supporter of Bitcoin, the blocksize debate has been really frustrating to me. I have read both arguments and noted the points on each side. The scaling debate itself is good to have and I’m glad great minds are working on it. But, I think the arbitrary 1mb limit is ridiculous and has been kept in place to the detriment of the whole Bitcoin network and all of Bitcoins users (core team included). Knowing the owner of Btcpop and his intelligence on the matter, as well as hearing his logical arguments, I agree the block size needs to be raised so I support whatever means do that.

Fundamental reasons I invested:

  1.  Trust in Casimir1904 and his platform reputation
  2.  As a way to participate in the blocksize debate
  3.  Immediate ROI with bulk discount and Roger Ver’s 110% pool payout
  4. Stable investment and high probability is legitimate
  5. Future use as a steady collateral for Bitcoin Loans

To re-iterate point #4, I believe has too much at stake for this to be an illegitimate cloud mining operation. It is Roger Ver’s own project, and he wouldn’t risk ruining his or his websites reputation on a scam cloud mining site. As Bitcoin mining is still profitable, the only way for me to participate in that competitively is through cloud mining pools.

Please feel free to share your opinion below

3 thoughts on “ 50 BTC launch mining IPO

  1. This will start from tomorrow, let’s see how it goes for it’s first month and how much dividend we’ll get on the 1st month, july 2 will be the day (right after the payment of the 1st full month) to see if it was worth it. pop shares aren’t earning as much as I expected but the price is 4 times more than CC shares but gives out higher dividend yield than pop.

  2. I agree completely… though perhaps not for an entire 50BTC in the alt coins… except maybe Ethereum…
    But Litecoin and Monero? yes please

  3. With BTC transactions going up, and everything else that’s with BTC, it would be also good for BTCpop to open a Ethereum/Litecoin/Dash/Monero mining contracts similar to this logic. Or physically make the mining rigs like what the previous owner did, in MinerB shares, if I remember correctly

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