Bitcoin Investment on Btcpop | 6 steps to follow

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Bitcoin Investment on Btcpop | 6 steps to follow

Thanks for joining the fastest growing global lending platform in the world! To help you nail your bitcoin investments on Btcpop,  we’ve put together this actionable 6 step plan.

These are the steps: investment

  1. Deposit your Bitcoin
  2. Do your research on how to successfully invest
  3. Start Small and learn how the Btcpop Community works
  4. Develop an investment strategy
  5. Monitor your results and increase investments
  6. Spread the word and help Btcpop grow

Step 1 – Deposit your Bitcoin

sample deposit address DO NOT DEPOSIT

sample deposit address DO NOT DEPOSIT


Btcpop is a next generation free market financial platform based on Bitcoin. Btcpop prides itself on allowing the free market to set rates and decide asset prices. At the same time Btcpop offers some of the best P2P lending tools for lenders to make sound investments and for good borrowers to get good rates.New to Bitcoin? It is a world changing technology that is as easy to use as sending an email. Search google and there are plenty of resources to help you get started.Once you know how to use Bitcoin it's as easy as creating an account and depositing your Bitcoin. Btcpop is a very secure platform, but your funds security is only as good as your security so here are some of Btcpop’s best practices for creating a good secure account. Security of your funds and a correct account balance are Btcpop's top proprieties. Btcpop stores Bitcoin withdrawals are done manually by the owner and 90%+ of Btcpops funds are stored in armory cold wallets with no keys online. 

Are your one to need more proof? Here is one address publicly owned by Btcpop and view-able wallet example

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Step 2: Do your research on how to successfully invest at Btcpop

  1. Learning How Btcpop Works: There are lots of resources to help you get started,Continue on to our Blog, knowledge base, or visit the in site FAQ guides. And if all else fails reach out to the community we are happy to help.
  2. Learning how P2P lending Works: P2P lending is a highly involved investing process. Please do your research before investing, and if your new follow our best practices.
  3. Familiarize yourself with Btcpop’s features: Btcpop has many features and multiple investment tools. Learn about them and use them to your advantage.

Step 3 – Start small and learn how the Btcpop community works

Now that you’ve funded your account, you’re almost ready to start earning solid returns on your Bitcoin. However, every good investor does their own due diligence and we encourage you to do the same.

Btcpop has many unique features such as a globally traded Bitcoin share and bond market, interest bearing wallets, collateralized debt and more.

The best way to learn is by doing, so we encourage you to make some micro investments in all the features and learn as you go slowly building up the amount of your investments. Here are some steps we encourage you to do to learn how things work:

  1. Try out our “Instants Pool” interest bearing wallet: Start small and put your Bitcoin into the equivalent of a website savings account. You are free to withdraw your Bitcoin at any time and this feature is a great way to grow your Bitcoin risk free.


  2. Invest in 10 P2P loan listings: Btcpops first and core market is peer to peer lending. Invest .0000001 Btc in the 5 best listings you can find. This will enroll you in email alerts for loan comments and you can start to learn what loans are good and get funded, and what loans are bad and don’t. Also check out this post on how to invest successfully at Btcpop.


  3. Buy 1 Share on the Btcpop Stock Market: Share prices are all low, and while researching some of the 40+ share listings at Btcpop you can see how btcpop shares work , and how they compete with the stocks you know of. You can even buy a share of Btcpop itself!


  4. Buy 1 bond on the bond market or bonds funding: Bonds are just another form of debt and have their advantages and disadvantages compared to P2P loans or shares.
  5. Research some Active listings and see if you can buy a note: Active listings are P2P loans that have been funded. There is no marketplace to look at these, but if you watch the chat box or the live feed you can research into any of the users profiles which includes active and repaid loans. Notes are chunks of funded P2P loans that investors took and are selling before the loans payments are due.
  6. Buy small amount of a Staking Altcoin: Btcpop is one of the few places I know of where staking is as easy as holding the POS coin in your wallet. Once you hold a POS coin Btcpop will automatically pay you staking rewards on that coin. You can deposit some staking coins you already have, or buy some on Btcpop's 100+ currency altcoin exchange.
  7. Check out your fully auditable statement: Btcpop prides itself on its transparency. Every Satoshi in and out of your account is accounted for in statement. You can view your statement at the bottom of your dashboard or under account in your left toolbar. Click on Entity and you can go to the direct source of where your bitcoin came from or went.

  8. Check out your Stats: Once you invested your statistics should begin to populate. Further statistics are available for shares, individual buyers, pools and more. You can see your share performance by clicking the button on your share summary

If you're new to the Bitcoin or  P2P finance industry there is a learning curve. This is why we encourage users to start small and try out new features. But, you will learn at Btcpop the free market decides and you are free to invest however you like in the platform.

Step 4– Develop an investment strategy

With your small starter investments you should learn a couple key things that will help you develop your investment strategy.

  • Community Culture: One of Btcpop’s most valuable features isn’t a feature at all it's an attitude and community spirit. Btcpop survived and Btcjam didn’t because Btcpop’s community takes the responsibility of stopping scam loans into their own hands. Follow loan comments and chat. Valuable investing information flows through these channels on a regular basis.
  • Borrower Rating is important but not something to rely on: The rating system at Btcpop is a tool, but it's not to be relied on. You will find that a good F Borrower will sometimes get funded faster and at a lower interest than a bad A rated borrower. This is because Btcpop doesn’t rely on rating systems as they are able to be manipulated and prone to failure.
  • Who the Big investors are: Success breeds success in many cases. Big investors are still big because they have an investment's strategy that works. Learn who the big investors and follow how they invest.

Key Factors to determine your overall investment strategy at Btcpop


  1. Investment amount: define the amount of money that you want to allocate to Btcpop. Once this is established you can better diversify and invest strategically.
  2. Diversification: Diversification is the key to a successful investment strategy. However, I don’t recommend blindly investing in bad loan offerings, stocks, or bonds just to diversify. Diversify between sound investments and asset classes. Pay attention to what was profitable. I don’t recommend ever putting more than 10% of your capital into 1 person (unless its Casimir1904). This includes all their assets whether it is loans, shares, or bonds. Don’t learn the hard way that even some of the best borrowers fail.
  3. Duration: Know going into it how long you plan to keep your Bitcoin in Btcpop and when you want that capital back. This is important as loans, bonds, and shares all have different payback periods. It doesn’t make sense to invest in a good 1 year loan if you need your Bitcoin in 6 months.
  4. Risk: I first recommend only investing on risk. You will find that the returns in Bitcoin P2P lending are much better than fiat even for the safe investments. Always take the risk into account first before investing. If you successfully manage risk, reward will follow. Risk based investing is the strategy I recommend. For example, if your funding an investment that makes 15% APR, and a 100% collateralized loan lists for 13%APR move all your funds to the collateralized loan. 2% APR for 100% collateral backing is a great risk/reward benefit.
  5. Return: Remember that in P2P lending you are the bank. So your return fully depends on mitigating or avoiding defaults. 1 significant default can make your ROI zero regardless if your portfolio is high or low risk.
  6. Loan base currency: While primarily a Bitcoin lender, Btcpop does offer fiat pegged loans, but be wary. If you invest Bitcoin into a 20%APR fiat loan and Bitcoin goes up 25% you technically lost return. This does work in both directions, but may be too complex for those just starting out. Investors much prefer loans denominated in Btc.

Pro tip: Follow successful investors to learn from their approach. Check out my blog post detailing my methods and rules of thumb for P2P lending. 

Step 5– Monitor your results

After you have created your investment strategy it’s important that you keep an eye on your portfolio. Learn from your mistakes and repeat your successes.

Btcpop has multiple tools (with more on the way) to monitor your investment statistics so you can fine tune your investment strategy and continue to receive positive returns.

Some of the key statistics to pay attention to are:

  • Loan performance: You can also analyze where things went right/wrong through your “payments in” tab under your account.
  • Share performance: You can also view each shares individual performance as well as your performance in that share on the loans trading page.
  • Pool Performance: always good to account for risk free return
  • Staking performance: All altcoins staking rewards vary
  • Bond Performance (coming soon)

Step 6 – Spread the word and help Btcpop grow

We would love to hear your feedback. What do you like about the platform? What needs to be improved? Leave us your comments by filling in this short questionnaire.

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Want to help Btcpop grow and earn some Bitcoin doing it? Share your Btcpop referral link to your network and you will receive commission on fees generated by referred users. Commissions are on repaid loans only for now, but it's on the to do list to add commission for other activities as well.

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