Altcoins + Shares: Always Do your Research Before Buying

Altcoins + Shares: Always Do Research Before Buying wants to publicly encourage every cryptocurrency user to do their research first before buying any altcoin. There are many altcoins that are simply useless and possibly even dead projects. Every cryptocurrency investment is full of risk so do your research before investing anything. BTCPOP IS NOT GOING TO RESEARCH FOR YOU.

Btcpop is a Free Market Platform and “Cryptocurrency Neutral” does not research, vet, encourage, or promote any cryptocurrency listed on its exchange. Btcpop doesn’t feel that it is our place to make this decision for users. We want to provide the freedom and tools for users to do what they feel is right with their money and provide as many assets as possible for users.

Altcoins + Tokens can be “dead”

Btcpop’s history includes times of unprofessional Altcoin listings such as GOAT or CLUD. These tokens were created by prior management, but abandoned and completely useless. Due to some technical issues these tokens have not been able to be delisted from Btcpop’s exchange. DO NOT INVEST IN DEAD TOKENS.

Common sense would tell you to not buy something when you don’t know who is behind it or what the altcoin does.

Altcoin projects can also be dead in the sense that nobody is working on the project. If there are no developers working on a coin, and nobody using the coins for anything useful DON’t INVEST. Checking the GitHub of coins is a good place to check if anyone is still working on an altcoin.

P2P Shares can also be dead:

The same as a defaulted loan, some P2P share issuers can go missing in action or just stop paying dividends on their shares. This leads to “Dead Shares”. Do not invest in shares that you don’t know about or understand. Do not invest in shares that you do not know or trust the share issuer. Always do your research and know what and who you are investing in before purchasing. Some examples of dead shares are:

  • MINEB (former management mining operation)
  • TGS (former management fraudulent company shares)
  • CC (Defaulted Borrower Altcoin bot shares)
  • ARD (Former Management Fraudulent Company Shares)

Btcpop plans to delist or move dead shares to a different location in the future but cannot now for technical reasons.

Tokens can be drastically overpriced

1 Satoshi or .00000001 BTC seems like a very small amount. But for some cryptocurrencies it is much more valuable than 1 full Altcoin of another type. For Example 1 SPRTS coin at current market price is currently worth .00000000001709 BTC. So the current lowest price possible at Btcpop of 1 satoshi is 585x overpriced. So if you buy Sprts for BTC you are paying 58500% more than you should according to coinmarketcap.

The Best way to trade these super low value coins is trading them against DOGE or LTC. These coins have lower values and their decimal place can more accurately price low value altcoins. Btcpop plans to have a DOGE market in the future, but currently it does not.

Low value coins to watch out for:

All in all just use common sense when using cryptocurrency.

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